foam life jacket / child's / commercial
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  • Buoyancy:

    90 N


These life jackets have a SOLAS/MED (steering wheel) certifcation. They are offered in two sizes: For adults and for children. They are equipped with a whistle and a life jacket light which is activated manually. Both types have a lifting loop attached to the chest belt.


SOLAS/MED approved foam life jacket for children: EC Type Examination (Module B) No. 20036-11 HH (GL)

Buoyancy: 90 N

Material outer shell: Polyester Oxford

Emergency equipment: Whistle and manually activated life jacket light

Weight: 0,60 kg

Dimensions: (B) 340 x (L) 400 mm

Packaging: Simple plastic bag

Suitable for children with body weight 10 ≤ 43 kg, body size 100 ≥ 155 cm