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S07 HEAVY CUT Sea-Line Troton sp. zo.o.

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abrasive paste abrasive paste - S07 HEAVY CUT


S07 Heavy Cut Sea-Line is specialistic polishing paste with a very high cutting force which guarantee quick removal of defects and grinding scratches from a different kind of gelcoat (especially for polishing of industrial gelcoat)

S07 Heavy Cut Sea-Line is primarily designed for the companies which produce goods in which the outer layer is gelcoat or forms made from utility gelcoat and an industrial topcoat with a high toughness degree.

S07 Heavy Cut Sea-Line removes grinding scratches from gelcoat surface after treatment with sandpaper of gradation P800 or higher. The best results on industrial gelcoat we obtain when we finish grinding with sandpaper P1200 or higher.

Using S07 compound allows for shortening the labour time thanks to a high cutting force.