gelcoat restorer
Sea-Line Troton sp. zo.o.

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gelcoat restorer gelcoat restorer


  • Surface to be cleaned:



*COLOR RENOVATION is a product which does not contain silicon and efficiently brings back an original appearance of colours.
*Recommended for using on surface made of gelcoat (laminate), polyurethane varnishes, plastic,metal (chrome, brass, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze) and stone (including marble, terracotta, tiles).
*Products deeply penetrates the surface, bringing back the colour and gloss lost as a result of atmospheric conditions (UV rays and rain).
*Using COLOR RENOVATION restores the appearance of mat and chalk paints.
*Creates a protective layer on the laminate or paint surface or paints.
*COLOR RENOVATION protects steel against corrosion.
*Easy in use.
*Do not use on white-coloured surfaces.

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