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O1 TEAK OIL Sea-Line Troton sp. zo.o.

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impregnating oil impregnating oil - O1 TEAK OIL


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*O1 TEAK OIL is one-component oil for exotic wood which is difficult to impregnate,e.g.: teakwood, mahogany, ipe wood, movingui wood, etc.
*O1 TEAK OIL protects wood from dampness and mold growth.
*It does not require additional primer.
*Excellent penetrating qualities into wood structure.
*It does not leave any greasy layer on surface.
*When applied directly onto wood surface it creates insulating layer.
*It does not drip from vertical surfaces.
*Can contains product ready for application.
*O1 TEAK OIL is designed for using above and below the waterline as well as
*Easy for maintaining cleanliness.
*O1 TEAK OIL may also be used as security of: stairs, banisters, terrace wood,
garden furniture and other elements made of natural wood.
*O1 TEAK OIL is a protective oil for wood based on solvent dispersion of alkyd

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