two-component paint / polyurethane / topcoat / high-gloss
Top Modelcoat Sea-Line Troton sp. zo.o.



  • Composition:

    two-component, polyurethane

  • Application order:


  • Appearance:



Perfect product for build and repair form and moulds.
Top ModelCoat - very good flow of the paint allows to get perfectly smooth surface. Top Modelcoat is resistant to chemicals contained in resins and gelcoats. The surface can be polish in 24 hours after application.

Temperature resistance arising in the process of curing resins
Resistance to chemicals contained in a gelcoats and resins (Styrene)
Resistance to mechanical damage
Easy mixing and application
High performance
Fast curing
Easy sanding and polishing

Technical data:
COLOR : grey (high gloss)
Gun application: Ø nozzle 1,3 - 1,4 mm, Pressure 2-3 Bar,
Pot Life: 6 hours / 20 °C
Touch dry: 6 -8 hours / 20 °C
Dry to polish: 24 hours / 20 °C
Hard Dry: 7 days / 20 °C