pleasure boat antifouling / self-polishing / for steel / for plastics
antifouling Sea-Line Troton sp. zo.o.



  • Market:

    for pleasure boats

  • Type:


  • Formulated for:

    for steel, for plastics, for wood, fiberglass


* Suitable for the water salty and sweet.
* Suitable for sailing and motor boats traveling with maximum speed 40 knots.
* For use on the hulls of steel, wood and laminate.
* Do not use aluminum.
* Easy to apply
* Fast drying time.
* Thinning is not recommended because reducing the effectiveness of the paint
* Paint is composed of copper oxide and resins. It does not contain tin compounds.
* As a primer coat is recommended to use epoxy primer Sea-Line ® - for example, Corrosion Sea-Line ® or GRP ® Lightprimer