pleasure boat primer / for wood / multi-use / polyurethane
clear coat Sea-Line Troton sp. zo.o.



  • Market:

    for pleasure boats

  • Formulated for:

    for wood, multi-use

  • Composition:

    polyurethane, two-component

  • Other properties:



* High gloss polyurethane clear coat recommended to protect the wood and ensure long-term perfect appearance
* Does not require primer, diluted version of impregnated wood and protects the wood forming a layer of primer
* without thinning works as a high gloss top coat
* paint does not change the color of the wood during application
* UV resistance and weathering
* High mechanical strength of paint
* Very good flow giving a perfect finish
* Easy to mix and application
* Do not drip on vertical surfaces
* Cans contain a volume of components where is left place for mixing components
* Special thinners matched to the type of application (brush or spray)
* The previous layer: epoxy primer Sea-Line, varnish, polyurethane Sea-Line