pleasure boat primer / for metal / two-component / epoxy
Epoxy Primer 4:1Anticorrosion Sea-Line Troton sp. zo.o.


  • Market:

    for pleasure boats

  • Formulated for:

    for metal

  • Composition:

    two-component, epoxy

  • Other properties:

    filling, anti-corrosion


* 2-component epoxy anti-corrosive primer
* Especially recommended for priming steel and aluminum
* It is an excellent substrate protection against corrosion
* Provides very good adhesion subsequent coatings
* Very good flow giving a perfect finish
* Easy to mix and application
* Do not drip on vertical surfaces
* Cans contain a volume of components where is left place for mixing components
* The previous layer: Raw surface, epoxy or polyester putty, primers, epoxy paint system cleaned previous
* The next layer: Epoxy Primer, Polyurethane Topcoat color or Clear Coat, antifouling paints
* Does not require sanding between coats while maintaining the suggested time interval