aluminum speargun
D Scorpena

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aluminum speargun aluminum speargun - D


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    75 cm, 95 cm, 105 cm (29.5 in)


This speargun is created for the most demanding spearfishers.

Scorpena D model is equipped with an open muzzle, aluminum barrel with a polyurethane outer casing, which reduces the flow resistance during lateral movements of the guns, forms a guideline for the shaft, making a silent shot, and increases the overall buoyancy of the gun. Ergonomic handle with rubber coating migrated from sports gun models.

In case of necessity it can be easily replaced with a standard handle. Gun is equipped with a long support for convenience when loading. Round-type rubber is made of a two-component latex rubber with a diameter of 17,5 mm. At the end on this band is installed 2 mm DYNEEMA wishbone. To simplify the replacement of this rod wishbone,

To simplify the replacement of this rod wishbone, band is equipped with the aluminum bushings with holes for fastening the DYNEEMA. Includes 6.5 mm shaft made of corrosion-resistant steel 17-4 PH with sharkfin hooks and a long facing down barb. The kit

The kit ncludes black line with two clamps and shock absorber. Speargun is equipped with the most modern trigger with multiple safety margin. The reel can be easily mounted on this speargun.