spearfishing wetsuit / long-sleeve / with hood / two-piece
C3 BROWN Camo Scorpena



  • Applications:


  • Type:


  • Cut:

    long-sleeve, with hood, two-piece

  • Sex/age:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Thickness:

    3 mm


Model Scorpena C3 with an original SCORPENA bright blue camo age has contrasting details, which visually break the silhouette of spearfisher and make him invisible on the underwater terrain. 3 mm wetsuit is designed for hunting in tropical seas. 3 mm is for a warm water. Pants of 3 mm model are high-waist, 3 mm model got a long-john cut. The wetsuit is made of soft and elastic neoprene Sheico. On the outside, the suit is covered with an extra-elastic Lycra. Elbows and knees are made of durable and stretch Supratex. You can also select suitable camou age socks, gloves and other accessories.