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LX-Series Scienco/FAST



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    for boats


The FAST® LX-Series System was designed as an economical modular system for harbor tugs and other small commercial vessels. Its lightweight DOT certified tank design has all of the larger FAST Systems reliability engineered into this new smaller system. The LX-Series requires no special training or expensive spare parts. The best part of all, it requires no manual cleaning.

The FAST LX-Series System handles intermittent loads. This means that whether the vessel has a full crew or whether the vessel is in port with little or no crew, the FAST System self-regulates. It handles surges, overloads and light loads without problems. It can also handle any combination of fresh water or seawater sewage. In fact, FAST Systems do this better than any other biological treatment system.

Fully certified by the US Coast Guard under 33 CFR Part 159 and IMO rules, FAST was originally developed for marine service. Today, FAST can be found around the globe in offshore, municipal, industrial, commercial and residential applications. The reason for FAST’s success is its ability to provide years of reliable trouble-free service without adjustments or the need for a skilled operator.

Also, FAST is already capable of meeting the next generation of sewage regulations. This protects you from changes in the regulations or from individual foreign or local regulations which exceed minimum USCG certification requirements.