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sailboat wind vane self-steering system / standard
Auto-Helm Scanmar International



  • Application domain:

    for sailboats

  • Type:



For the skipper who wants the security of an emergency rudder and hates lines in the cockpit.

The horizontal axis airvane of the auto-helm windvane powers the trimtab. Water flowing past the trimtab controls the auxiliary rudder which, in turn, steers the boat. The boat’s main rudder is locked and used to balance the boat.

The auto-helm windvane is suitable for many boats under 50 feet. It is especially suited for boats with:

Excessive play or friction in main steering system
Hydraulic steering
Wheel steering with more than four turns
Center cockpit/Aft cabin
High freeboard
Bad weather helm
Mizzen boom
Transom davits


The auto-helm windvane became part of Scanmar windvane family in 1988. A proven self-steering gear for more than a decade it has since been improved and refined. It earns its excellent reputation from countless ocean crossings and circumnavigations. Today’s auto-helm windvane is thoroughly tested and perfected.

Superior Auxiliary Rudder Principle

The airvane develops information for course corrections. Because of the limited power of the airvane, the signal has to be amplified. Rather than connecting the airvane directly to the auxiliary rudder, the airvane controls the trimtab. Even though it is small, it has ample power to turn the auxiliary rudder.

Emergency Rudder

The auto-helm is a true emergency rudder which will effectively steer your boat back to port in case of main rudder failure. The semi-balanced auto-helm rudder is strong and efficient with a low drag, high lift profile.