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Ship reduction gearbox / engine
Scana Volda


  • Application domain:

    for ships

  • Applications:


  • Power:

    20000 kW (26820.44 hp)


The design of Scana Volda gearboxes are based upon long experience, engineering skills and excellent workmanship to make them one of the most reliable gearboxes in the market. Scana Volda reduction gearboxes can be delivered in the power range of approx. 500 to 20.000 kW.

All materials used in the gearboxes are carefully selected to ensure the right conditions of the product. The gear housing is made from high quality cast iron to achieve a rigid and stiff design to safely absorb all forces during operation at maximum load. Plain white metal bearings for pinion and bull gear shafts ensure extremely good reliability. The gearwheels are of the highest quality, and designed with large safety margins.

Scana Volda Gearboxes have great arrangement flexibility

Vertical or horisontal offset
Co-axial offset
Twin-in single-out versions
1 or 2 speed PTO/PTI solutions
Multiple PTO solutions of 1-8 units
Integrated hydraulic clutching configurations


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