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1-person water bike / disassemblable / inflatable / stainless steel



  • Capacity:


  • Other characteristics:

    disassemblable, inflatable

  • Material:

    stainless steel, aluminum, plastic


The Kit Shuttlebike® allows you to turn your bike into a real water bike with exceptional performance, safe and high quality of movement. Adaptable to bicycles of different sizes, the Kit Shuttlebike® is a concentrate of mechanics as brilliant as it is simple and is all contained in a backpack, including the pump to inflate the floats activated by pedaling on the bicycle.

Shuttle bike enjoys excellent maneuverability thanks to a real innovation in the nautical field: have positioned propeller and rudder, then the traction, on the front.
This allows rapid steering and great control of the vehicle in any situation.

A very interesting aspect is the possibility to use all the bike speed gear.
High quality materials give the kit great reliability.
The toughest unsinkable tests have been overcome, obtaining certificates of conformity valid all over the world.

Born to challenge today the Kit Shuttlebike® allows you to experience the water in a whole new way, you can use it as a new sport, fitness, sports competitions, fishing, guided tours, events, boat tenders, rentals in the beaches / camping and wherever there is water..
An ecological, healthy but above all fun and easy to use.

With Shuttle bike and your bike there are no more boundaries, you will be able to explore places impossible to reach by motor vehicles such as protected oases, caves and all those places you would like to visit.
All this in a safe, healthy and far from traffic.

Shuttle bike is the new culture of pedaling on the water.

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