road trailer / for boats / roller
T18M sarl CBS Remorques



  • Use:


  • Applications:

    for boats

  • Other characteristics:


  • Payload:

    1,940 kg (4,276.97 lb)


Our boats transport trailers CBS T18M boat doubles axles braked will be used for transport of your sailing boats with retractable skittle.
The CBS T18M has a frame equipped with reels with side rollers ensuring the stability, an adjustable frame, as well as a gallows with a winch with strap and a wheel jockey.

Reference: T18M
Gross weight (kg) : 2500
Payload (kg) : 1940
Tires : 185R14C
Wheels : 4
Brakes : Yes
Homologation : CE
Tilting : Yes
Overall length : 7,70 m
overall width : 2.20 m