exterior floodlight / for terminals



  • Type:


  • Application domain:

    for terminals


Technical key features
Technology MI / HPS E40
Max. temp. 40 °C
Power 1 × 100 W to 1 × 400 W

Key features
Access to the lamp by opening the front
Suitable for industrial environments
Resistant to aggressive chemical environments
Durable and maintainable luminaire
Technical data

Light source
• 1x E40 high pressure sodium lamp (HPS), not included
• Or 1x E40 metal halide lamp (MI), not included
Reflector in anodised aluminium:
• intensive (narrow beam)
• extensive (large beam)
• Semi-intensive (average beam)
Control gear
Ferromagnetic Control Gear with starter
Power supply
230 V 50 Hz
Electrical class
Class I
Operating temperature
-30 °C to +40 °C
Cable gland in nickel-coated brass for Ø cable 5–14 mm (3 × 2,5 mm²)
• Wall mounting bracket (orientation over 180°)
• Fixing in three points (3 holes Ø10 mm)
Method of construction
• Access to the lamp by opening the front
• Stainless Steel housing in form of a half cylinder
• Frame with 2 Stainless Steel hinges
• Tiltable gear tray
• Diaphragm for pressure balancing while switching on and off