intervention underwater ROV
Cougar-XT Saab Seaeye



  • Type:


  • Depth:

    2,000 m (6561'08")


The Seaeye Cougar-XT is a development of the successful Seaeye Cougar range, proven worldwide in demanding applications and recognised for its capability to operate effectively as a compact work ROV.

The new Cougar-XT comes with a considerable improvement in performance. Developments in drive and power technology has seen vehicle thrust increased by over 50% in all directions - creating a vehicle with the highest thrust to weight ratio in its class.

Vehicle power in the XT has been doubled by increasing the supplied voltage from the standard 250 Volts DC to 500 Volts. Apart from improving the vehicles handling this enables a Seaeye Cougar-XT to accommodate a wider range of heavier duty tooling for work tasks. These include drill support, salvage and IRM to depths of 2000 metres.

Specifications Seaeye Cougar-XT
Depth Rating 2000 msw
Length 1515 mm
Height 790 mm
Width 1000 mm
Launch Weight 409 kg
Forward Speed 3.2 knots
Thrust Forward 170 kgf
Thrust Lateral 120 kgf
Thrust Vertical 110 kgf
Payload 80 kg