Ship watermaker / reverse osmosis
SRO 50 m³ RWO


  • Application domain:

    for ships

  • Type:

    reverse osmosis


Complete package, skid mounted systems for least amount of onboard installation work
All required capacities
Perfect water quality
Compact design
Easy to install and operate
Designed for automatic operation
Design accredited to European or American standards
Class certificates available

Standard features

High pressure pump
High performance reverse osmosis elements and pressure vessels
Salinity control
Automatic concentrate displacement device

Optional scope of supply

Automatic backwash filter without interruption of feedwater flow
Injection system for scale inhibitor
Fine filter
Booster pumps and strainers
UV disinfection system
Injection system for chlorine disinfection
Chlorine control
CIP-Built-in cleaning and rinsing device
Mineralising unit
Dechlorination unit´
Flow controlled injection for chemicals


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