sit-on-top kayak / rigid / recreational / 3-person
Caymann Roteko s.c.



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Short, polythene kayak with large cockpit, high side and flat bottom. Very stable, maneuverable, easily maintains the float direction. It has very comfortable seats for 2 adults and third seat for a child with backrests adjustable in three positions.

Those features make Caymann great unit for short trips beginners and also experienced kayakers.

Standard equipment contains:

- Durable, zig-zag type footrests

- Front rigging – flexible tripwires map-case

- Exchangeable keel coating, repossessing abrasions.

- The drain plug, situated on bow allows draining of accumulated water

- Ergonomic, durable holders

Additional equipment:

- Net on a map-case

- Inner pockets

Caymann is produced in wide range of colors:

- yellow and red

- yellow and green

- blue and white

- red and black

- yellow

- red

- green

- blue

- khaki