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yacht winch / towing / hydraulic drive / single-drum
RW2 Rondal


  • Application domain:

    for yachts

  • Use:


  • Drive mechanism:

    hydraulic drive

  • Technology:



The latest generation of Rondal reel winches has been optimised.

For lightness, with up to 25% weight saving.
For performance, with line speeds of over 140 m/min.
For security and safety, with the triple safeguards of:
- Travel-limit switches at the spindle ends.
- An optical line tension control.
- Rondals unique deck-level feeder.

The new models are low-profile for easier installation and offer a range of custom options for versatility to achieve the best systems set-up. These include the installation of separate switches for manual gear operation if required and (currently under development) the ability to select between cruising and racing modes. What has not changed is the legendary robustness and reliability that derives from Rondals hard anodised aluminium alloy construction complemented by a carbon drum, smooth, powerful hydraulic drive, and oil bath gearbox.