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diesel ship engine / Tier 3
B33:45 Rolls-Royce

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diesel ship engine / Tier 3 diesel ship engine / Tier 3 - B33:45


  • Power source:


  • Other characteristics:

    Tier 3

  • Power:

    3,600 kW, 4,200 kW, 4,800 kW, 5,400 kW, 7,200 kW (4,894.6 hp)


The Bergen B33:45 diesel range carries forward the Bergen engine family into a new era. The engine platform offers 600 kW per cylinder in a compact, modularised engine design. The new engine portfolio offers industry leading fuel consumption and emission figures.

Our B36:45 gas engine share many of the design features and commonality on many engine components such as the engine block and crank shaft. This allows the flexibility to convert from diesel to gas, or vice versa, depending on our customers need.

In-line engines are offered in 6, 8 and 9 cylinder configuration spanning a power range from 3,600 kW to 5,400 kW. There is an option to also introduce a 7 cylinder engine if the market so require. The Vee engine comes first as a 12 cylinder engine at power output of 7,200 kW, with the V16 and V20 to follow.