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Ship generator set / diesel / medium-speed
B32:40V Rolls-Royce


  • Application domain:

    for ships

  • Motor type:


  • Options and accessories:


  • Output power:

    8000 kW (10728.18 hp), 5760 kW (7724.29 hp), 6000 kW (8046.13 hp), 7680 kW (10299.05 hp)


The compact and powerful Bergen B32:40 engine and gen set range is produced in 6, 8 and 9 cylinder in-line, and V12 and V16 configurations to provide powers of 3,000 to 8,000kW. All engines have a bore of 320mm with a 400mm stroke and deliver 500kW per cylinder at 750rpm. The ‘Clean Design’ engines offer NOx emissions 20% below the IMO Tier II NOx curve. Stringent emission levels are met through careful control of combustion and on- engine measures, keeping the same power. Additional sub-systems are not required.

Key Features
World-leading fast load response
Extremely stable frequency, important for frequency-sensitive equipment
Low vibration/structural noise level due to super-resilient mounting
Certified to meet IMO Tier II requirements
Competitive fuel and lubricating oil consumption
No fuel oil leakage from fuel injection pumps into the lubricating oil system, unique Bergen deflector/collector system
Single-bearing alternator option for in- line engines with benefit of reduced genset length, and reduced cost through elimination of flexible coupling between engine and alternator


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