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Ship generator set / diesel / medium-speed
C26:33L Rolls-Royce


  • Application domain:

    for ships

  • Motor type:


  • Options and accessories:


  • Output power:

    Min.: 1460 kW (1957.89 hp)

    Max.: 2430 kW (3258.68 hp)


The Bergen C26:33 gas engine and gen set are produced in 6,8 and 9 cylinder in-line to provide powers from 1,460 to 2,430 kW. The engines have a bore of 260 mm with a 330 mm stroke and have a range of operation speeds from 900rpm to 1,000 rpm.

Key Features
compact and powerful
exceptionally low emissions of of NOx, CO2, SOx and particulate
low energy consumption
service friendly
optimum response at all engine load points (Variable Turbo Geometry)
super silent resilient mounting
table frequency


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