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diesel ship engine
C25:33L Rolls-Royce

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diesel ship engine diesel ship engine - C25:33L


  • Power source:


  • Power:

    Min.: 1920 kW (2610.47 hp)

    Max.: 3000 kW (4078.86 hp)


The C-series engine is a simple and robust design with a reduced number of components. It is a modern engine at an early phase of its design life. Introduced at 300kW/cyl., it is now rated at 330kW/ cyl. and is equally suitable for main propulsion, either with mechanical transmission or in a diesel electric system, or as a marine generating set.
With 6, 8 and 9 cylinders in-line, the Bergen C-series has a range of operating speeds from 720rpm to 1,000rpm and can be supplied for powers of 1,460 to 3,000kW.

Key Features
Extremely stable electrical frequency, important for frequency sensitive equipment
Low vibration/structural noise level due to super-resilient mounting
Certified to meet IMO Tier II requirements
Competitive fuel and lubricating oil consumption
No fuel oil leakage into the lubricating oil system due to the Bergen Cofferdam system
Single-bearing alternator option for reduced genset length, and reduced cost, through elimination of flexible
Coupling between engine and alternator
High power to weight ratio
The liner, piston, (incl. upper con rod) and cylinder head can be replaced as a single unit without disturbing the big end bearing, saving time and money