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recreational canoe / flatwater / 2-person / 3-person
Viki RK Company - Karel Rašner



  • Intended use:

    recreational, flatwater

  • Number of places:

    3-person, 2-person


Type of the boat:
turist canoe C2
Petr Sodomka (year 2005)
length 485 cm, weight 85 cm
weight 28 kg, tonnage 350 kg (2 - 3 persons)
The type of the boat is suitable for both flat water and wild water under difficulty WW 2-3.
Special geometry of the nose obstructs water of splashing in waves.
The upper deck of the boat has the classical collar for sprickdecks.
The bottom of the boat is braced the inner smooth side of the boat.
The original shape of the canoe secures nice control on both flat and wild water.

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