diver navigation and location system
TAC-300 Combat Swim Board RJE International Inc.


The TAC-300 is the latest in the TAC series of diver navigation boards by RJE International. Smaller and lighter than the TAC-100 and TAC-200 models, the TAC-300 integrates a highly accurate compass and a digital depth gauge/timer on to a rugged plastic board.
To maintain bearing position and accuracy, the TAC-300 uses the BENS C1150 underwater compass. The large compass dial with advanced luminous properties makes navigating easy even in the poorest visibility. In addition, an electronic V-Lite illuminates the compass to ensure high visibility of the compass heading.
Divers depth, total dive and surface intervals are tracked in the DG100 digital depth gauge and timer. This rugged digital depth gauge has a easy-to-read OLE display and a leg timer function for combat swimmer ops. A adjustable max-depth alarm with memory ensures the divers do not exceed their depth limit.
To protect the TAC-300, a protective sock is integrated into the attached lanyard. Designed by combat swimmers for combat swimming, the TAC-300 is the compete package to meet your mission needs.