tugboat fender / bow / personalized / large
HEAVY DUTY RG Seasight Fenders



  • Application domain:

    for tugboats

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  • Configuration:

    personalized, large


RG Seasight Fenders manufacture customized large fender systems for heavy duty vessels. Heavy duty vessels are, as the name implies, bigger and heavier than other crew transferring vessels. They have most often a water line of at least 24 meters and can often carry twice as many people as regular crew transferring vessels.The size together with the weight makes a great pressure on the berthing piles requiring high durability of the fender. To meet these requirements the large fenders are adapted to the individual vessel as well as to the pressure on the berthing piles. Furthermore the outer layer is selected for an optimum holding power. The result is a customized fender system for heavy duty vessels that weighs between 150 kg to 200 kg per meter.One of the RG Seasight Fenders large fender systems is mounted on a 32 meter mono hull