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single-handed sailing dinghy / children's / multi-person / recreational
REVERSO Reverso Project



  • Crew:

    single-handed, children's, multi-person

  • Use:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Length:

    3.4 m (11'01")


The sail : the wind is your energy

6m2 Fat head design

4 battens

Laminated polyester

Pablo Soldano design

The mast folds into 4 sections

composed of 4 sections to fit in the bag. Full carbon (option) or Alloy

The hull : stability and performance

1, 2 adults or 1 adult+2kids

High width/lenght ratio providing stability and confidence

Fast planning ability

The flush (flat) deck brings space and allows smooth transitions

Assembled : 3,40m x 1,40m

dimensions nested : 140x70x90cm


High freeboards

Made in france

Safety and waterproofness

Every section is able to float without being assembled

Every section is above the waterline

We use a patented system including 3 straps with a lashing capacity Lc of 2500KG

As in aviation, the system is designed « fail safe ». A failure of one strap allows you to sail safely to the shore