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private hovercraft private hovercraft
  • Private hovercraft


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    3.6 m (11'10")


The Hov Pod Hovercraft is unlike any other personal water craft and offers more fun than a RIB, off road bike, jet boat or personal watercraft. Not only do Hov Pod's offer great style they are also easy to use and offer unsurpassed excitement, more than any thrill seeker could wish for!
Hov Pod Hovercraft offer unknown freedom compared to most other land and water craft because you will be able to move from land to water and back again. Try that in a RIB, personal watercraft, off road bike or 4x4 vehicle! The Hov Pod is the most versatile and unique vehicle and it can travel over many surfaces which would constrict other water craft. A new era is upon us. The era of the Hov Pod is NOW! A Hov Pod Hovercraft means YOU can have all your fun with the one craft.