Towing winch / for ships / hydraulic drive / electric drive
Rapp Hydema


  • Application domain:

    for ships

  • Use:


  • Drive mechanism:

    hydraulic drive, electric drive

  • Technology:

    with spooling device, single-drum


Traction Winches
Electric or hydraulic driven traction winch deep tow systems tailored for optimal performance and customized for specification requirements.

Rapp Marine Deep Tow Systems include:

Traction Winch for constant pull and speed
Storage Reel for EM or EOM cables
Electric Encoder Spooling Level Wind
Slack Wire Compensator
Local and remote control stations available
Features of a Rapp Marine Traction Winch include:

Up to 30+ metric ton pull capacity
Robust and compact design drives each traction head
Grooved slip sleeve for easy change between various cable sizes
Electric or hydraulic drive options


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