engine control lever / digital / multi-lever / for boats
Dual ERC Quicksilver Parts & Accessories



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    for engines

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    for boats

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Dual Handle ERC with sleek styling and increased functionality

• Individual trim control for up to 4 engines, no longer need a separate CAN pad for individual trim of 3- and 4-engine boats
• Trim-all button on handle for quick and simple trimming of all engines at one time
• Dock mode functionality reduces the sensitivity of the control by 50% to allow for more precise throttle control at lower speeds making it easier to dock and maneuver the boat at low speeds
• Shadow Mode functionality can control up to 4 engines with just 2 handles – no need for a dedicated handle for each engine
• Single-Lever Mode allows the user to control the throttle and shift of all engines with just one handle for easier drivability
• Throttle Only Mode allows the user to control only the throttle while keeping the engine in neutral. This is beneficial upon starting and when mooring
• Engine Sync functionality automatically syncs the engines when the controls are within 1000 RPM of one another making it easier to keep engines running the same speed
• Helm Transfer button allows easy transfer of control from one helm to another
• Neutral Indication Lights let the user quickly determine when the engines are in neutral
• Full Helm Dimming functionality allows all SmartCraft® gauge and display brightness to be controlled through the ERC