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ship steering system / hydraulic ship steering system / hydraulic - ZTS


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    for ships

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The Zero Torque System (ZTS) is designed to withstand the external forces such as sudden current change, propeller's torque and waves while driving the boat. ZTS eliminates torque coming from the steering cable with a uniquely patented design of the torque clutch.


■ Patented ZTS (Zero Torque Steering) system
■ ZTS system substantially minimizes torque from engine
■ Fast and easy installation with 'EZ Clip" feature (not available with dual helm)
■ Optional stainless steel steering cable construction : output ends and inner core
■ Snap-on bezel with minimum tools required
■ Compact size and easy installation
■ Bolt-in replacement(upgrade) for our standard 3000 Gen ll Rotary Steering System
■ Manufactured to meet or exceed A.B.Y.C., N.M.MA. I.M.C.I.(CE) certification requirements