Dock gangways / high-end / with handrails / aluminum
Finition Premium Poralu Marine


  • Application domain:

    for docks

  • Other characteristics:

    high-end, with handrails, aluminum


Pontoon Premium finishing

Floating pontoon for
Marine aluminium structure 6005 A T6.
Polypropylene decking with a reinforced UV screen, non slip,
10 years warranty.
Fender (half-circle) in low density polyethylene, reinforced UV screen.
Corner fender in low density polyethylene, reinforced with UV screen.

Unsinkable and maintenance-free floats in polyethylene, filled with
expanded polystyrene, high resistance to impacts, ice and severe
conditions. Incorporated service duct (electricity and water).
One piece moulding (no welded joins, no seperate lid).


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