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Floating dock / temporary mooring / for marinas
Etoile Poralu Marine


  • Type:


  • Use:

    temporary mooring

  • Applications:

    for marinas


Why installing a mooring star PORALU MARINE?
With this anchorage you can :

Accomodate more boats in the same mooring area and with a single mooring anchor

Offer a mooring solution to suit a temporary increase in mooring demand (holiday periods, special events, boat rental, visiting boaties)

Provide safety, services and extra comfort to multiple users of a single mooring.
Relocate your temporary berths out of the marina to optimise the number of permanent marina berths and increase profitability of the whole facility

Create temporary berths to relocate boats whilst undertaking major marina maintenance or repairs

Multiple rental boats on one mooring improving control, access and operational efficiency

Diversify and enhance the attraction of your facility by providing a wider range of mooring facilities and rates


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