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Surf ski kayak
BOURBON ORCA Point 65 Sweden AB


When riding a surfski, even the most experienced paddler can become frustrated with the constant bracing in the rough.

The Point 65 Bourbon Orca changes everything. Here is a lightning fast ski that is designed for maximum speed when the conditions get real. Designed to outrun most anything while keeping it’s rider safe in the saddle through the most fearful of chop, surf, wake - you name it. Seeing your buddy or competitor disappear while you are bracing your way through the bumps is a thing of the past. It’s the combination of speed AND stability that makes the Bourbon Orca truly unique.

Award-winning design engineer and avid surf ski paddler Magnus de Brito, using highly advanced hydrodynamic design technology combined with experience and extensive testing, has managed to create a unique ski that is faster than most while comfortably stable even in the roughest conditions. The Bourbon Orca is a very fast surf ski with the aggressive appearance to match. Great primary and secondary stability offers beginners and experienced paddlers alike a fast ride, even in the most challenging conditions.


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Surf ski kayak