fuel tank / for boats / bendable / portable
NAUTA® Pennel & Flipo



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    for boats

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  • Capacity:

    Max.: 70 l (18.49 gal)

    Min.: 25 l (6.6 gal)


The technique of storing and transporting liquids through the use of flexible tanks has many advantages :

• Lightness
• Handiness
• Adaptability
• Fiability

NAUTA® Flexible Tanks provide many advantages over rigid tanks and have therefore, become very popular with both yach-builders and boat owners.
Each of these tanks uses an extremely rugged 935-dex nylon fabric, coated on both sides with a neoprene / nitrile compound. Heavily lapped seams are inside-reinforced with a "doubler" to provide extra strength. All NAUTA® tank are vulcanised to assure leakproof panels and seams for years of trouble-tree service.
All are covered by a warranty

Because of their flexibility and the NAUTA® range of sizes, these tanks can fit into almost any space, especially those odd-shaped places that would otherwise be wasted.
NAUTA® tanks are very easy to work with. Several for water and holding are available with fittings already installed. But NAUTA®'s construction allows custom placement of fittings to suit your particular requirements and makes it simple to install them.