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parasail harness / seat
Parasail Australia

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parasail harness / seat parasail harness / seat


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Comfort Fit:
Our parasailing harnesses are very comfortable. The seat strap is 210mm wide and padded. The back strap is 150mm wide and padded. The leg straps are 105cm.

Quality Components:
The side strap are made from polyester for maximum strength. The waist belt buckle is stainless steel. The harness clips that attach the harness to the parasail or tandem bar are stainless steel the load strength is 650kg each. The seat, back and leg straps are made from a combination of polyester for strength and polypropylene for flotation. The padding is 10mm closed cell foam.

Extra Safety:
The hipster harness is the preferred style of harness used world-wide. Bird’s Parasail Australia highly recommends using these harnesses in-conjunction with safety straps sewn into the PFD (life Jacket)
Alternatively we can provide hipster harnesses with overstraps (at extra cost)

Harness sizes

Small -Recommended for children
Medium - Ideal for teenagers and small adults
Large - This size fits the majority of adults
Extra Large - This size is becoming more popular
XXL Available

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