cruising sailing yacht / deck saloon / with bowsprit / twin steering wheels
595 Oyster Marine



  • Intended use:


  • Deck layout:

    deck saloon

  • Rigging:

    with bowsprit

  • Other characteristics:

    twin steering wheels

  • Length:

    19.3 m (63'03")


Designed to fit between the Oyster 565 and the Oyster 675 as part of a family of three yachts, the Oyster 595 is a voluminous sub-60 footer that can be handled by just two people. With many layout options (including a five cabin version) like its smaller and larger sisters, the Oyster 595 can have the master cabin forward and a dinghy garage aft. Spacious sail lockers and lazarette ensure that this yacht can comfortably cruise long distances.

Versatile, stylish and a modern hull shape – the perfect family yacht for ocean adventures.