strobe light / underwater / marine
XL60 Orcalight Limited



  • Type:

    strobe, underwater

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The Xl60 Underwater area light is a specialist unit with multiple uses and configurations

It consists of 2 30,000 lumen contained units naturally suspended facing downwards

Fits SSL Mains cable
Fits SSU underwater Shore supply cable
Fits ALL Orcalight canisters
The price is guide only and dependent upon final specifications is ex vat and shipping.

Standard specifications

Dry weight 10kg with full battery load
60000 lumens for 90 minutes from batteries
Can be suspended by rope cable or chain
Supplied in a peli case

Batteries can be removed making the unit buoyant and can be then connected to our shore supply running from mains permanently

Supplied with 6 optics and bracket/suspension batteries chargers etc

optics 60, 90 and 120 for each of the four lamps

A word on toughness, these two singular units were subject in 2014 to 10 separate 25kg dynamite explosions and remain in use for diving to this day