Pollution-control boom / inflatable / floating / sheltered waters
Optimal Planen- und Umwelttechnik


  • Type:


  • Technology:

    inflatable, floating

  • Application zone:

    sheltered waters

  • Other characteristics:



The double-chamber hose consists of a highly
tensile and chemical-resistant polyethylene
foil. The diameters of the hose chambers
amount to 400 and 200 mm. At a standard
length of 150 metres, the hose weighs only
52 kg and, when rolled up, can be transported
on a hand reel.
Due to the small storage space required and
a total weight of less than 100 kg, this system is suitable for use by any fire brigade and can easily be loaded on to almost any vehicle. The special filler neck ensures that the double-chamber hose can be quickly and safely filled with water or air, thus making a variety of applications possible: limitation of firefighting water, collecting basin, oil boom etc.


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