Boat door / for yachts / pantograph / weathertight
2330.04 Opacmare


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    for boats, for yachts

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weathertight pantograph door 2330.04
super light
Design: total absence of moving systems on the wing (like handles, locks and so on) allows design options which cannot be reached on a traditional door; designers can think about solutions impossible until now, among which very wide glass surfaces that are really transparent.
Lightness: the wing, made of composite material and without any heavy closing system, can weigh even less than 15 kg.
Minimal space: due to its reduced thickness, the wing takes up minimal space when open, allowing easy passage on side foot walk.
Real weather tightness: incomparable weather tightness is achieved through monolithic wing manufacturing (without handles and locks) together with gasket squashing, performed by 4 very effective automatic opening/closing systems.
Easy use: to open the door you need to push a button only, without having to activate big and heavy handles; the opening/closing systems automatically release the wing. Manual door handling is very easy due to its lightness. To close it, you just need to move the wing near the gasket without making any effort; the opening/closing systems immediately activate assuring total locking and absolute weather tightness.


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