marina fender / for boats / for yachts / for docks



  • Application domain:

    for marinas, for boats, for yachts

  • Applications:

    for docks, for docks, dock finger

  • Configuration:

    cylindrical, wheel, corner

  • Other characteristics:



During docking and undocking manoeuvres, it protects the boat´s side from impacts and scratches against your berth.


It protects the boat´s side.
Offers greater safety during both docking and undocking manoeuvres.
Suitable for bow or stern docking (see instruction manual).
A great help even with strong wind and/or currents.
Adapted to the shape of the boat´s hull, even on the bow area.
Rotating and oscillating fender, made of synthetic EPDM ivory-white rubber, highly resistant to UV rays with anti-galvanic couple.
Designed with AIR-FREE progressive dumping chambers.
Fixing elements made of high quality Stainless Steel (Aisi-316).
Very easy installation.