passenger boat / inboard / diesel / aluminum
Mono - 24 m ODC Marine



  • Type:

    passenger boat

  • Motor type:

    inboard, diesel

  • Other characteristics:


  • Length:

    24 m (78'08")

  • Passenger capacity:

    Min.: 196 unit

    Max.: 214 unit


This Aluminum Passengers Shuttle, 23.60 m long and 6.50 m wide, is approved to Maritime French standards. Its total capacity is 214 passengers in 4th categorie and 196 in 3rd categorie in addition to the pilot and tree crew members.
Her deck plan is rational and effective and provides good passenger flow, layout and seating have been designed for comfort.

Passengers experience numerous improvements (Hybrid Parallel Propulsion, quietness thanks to Soundproofing, Anti-roll gyro stabilizer). Thanks to its solutions proposed by shipyard maintenance is made easy (engine hatch opens-up for easy access, working bench is set in the front compartment, Pumps in place to renew engine oil, etc.)

Main Specification:

Passenger capacity: 214 pax in 4th category / 196 pax in 3rd category
Hull Type: Mono
Hull Length: 23.60 m
Hull Beam: 6.50 m
Loaded Draft: 1.70 m
Material: Aluminum
Fresh water capacity: 700 L
Black water capacity: 2* 200 L
Certification : 223b
Architect : Mer et Design
Propulsion: Diesel
Propulsion Style: Inboard
Propulsion Power: 2* Baudouin 1000 HP
Fuel capacity: 2* 3500 L
Max Speed: approx. 20 knots