textile rope clutch actuator / for sailboats / electric / with load cell
ECB Ocean Data System



  • Application domain:

    for sailboats

  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for textile rope clutch

  • Other characteristics:

    with load cell


In association with the company Cousin Trestec, producer of the Constrictor® textile rope clutch, Ocean Data System developed the ECB solution, which is now on the market.

Using the great properties of this specific clutch, the ECB offers a set of additional features:
~ remote release with an electric or electropneumatic command
~ load measurement on the rope inside the ECB
~ possibility to organize the various elements between themselves, for an optimized and homogeneous deck plan

~ integrate the full Cousin Trestec Constrictor® slot-in range: for the 6 to 14mm diameters ropes
~ keeps the mechanical characteristics of the Constrictor®
~ the general shape of the various elements allows to pile them, to place them and to fix them between themselves in an optimal way
~ the 10/12/14 base integrates (as an option) a cell allowing to measure the load applied on the rope
~ the release of the rope can be done manually or by a remote command, thanks to the pneumatic or spring / electric devices
~ pneumatic jacks and spring / electric allow to maintain the Constrictor® in gripping or running position
~ the ECB elements are built in 3D printing ABS / Carbon; de facto, although they look relatively massive, their weights remain very low
~ the ECB elements can be screwed or sticked to their composite support