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NDR Ocean Data System

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The NDR (Navigation Data Recorder) is a powerful data recorder dedicated to marine applications, offering a cost effective solution (not certified) of VDR appliance (black box). Furthermore, it offers many services of data recording intented for sailors (cruising or competition), designers, builders, fleet managers, experts.

It can be used as a stand alone solution or as module associated with the UpSideUp solutions, with which it shares data. It is delivered as a standard with the SuperYacht version.

The power of its processor, its storage capacity and the numerous inputs/outputs possibilities allow the sequential or event recording, simultaneously in several data files, at high frequency.

We designed the NDR to be totally adaptable to any project and specific application. However, this adaptability keeps intact its first qualities that are the simplicity and the reliability. The equipment installed on board works in a automatic way, without requiring particular attention. The typical configuration suits 90 % of the applications.

The information recorded by the NDR can be read on any computer to retrace the precise activity of the ship before and during the incident, or for any other purpose. The analysis can be led in a effective and fast way and requires no particular knowledge.