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boat TV storage unit
37" Noval

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boat TV storage unit boat TV storage unit - 37"


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    for boats


This mechanism fits perfectly in a cabinet. It allows to providing additional comfort while optimizing the interior layout.

Designed for 37" flat screen TV, smaller TVs can also be integrated
Possibility to adapt the dimensions for larger screens.
Operation by remote or button control.
Supply voltage from 22V to 28V. Max Power 180W.
Protection stopping movement in case of unexpected stress.
Acceleration and deceleration at the beginning and end of movement.
Low position lock system protecting the set from vibration during boat navigation.
Maximum rotation angle of 90° in high position.
Frame made of anodized aluminum and brushed stainless steel 316.
Provided with a hood in black ABS grained hiding the rear of TV.
System weight excluding the TV 35 kg (15.5 kg for the stationary part and 19.5 kg for the moving part).

This device provides significant space saving while ensuring the protection of the screen in the low position. It is intended to be integrated in a cabinet or other furniture space.

The dimensions of this mechanism can be adapted for screens of different sizes according to your requirements in terms of interior design.