Military boat / twin engine / outboard / inflatable boat / semi-rigid
X2K RIB INTERCEPTOR - 11,30m 37' 1" NorthSeaBoats


  • Motor type:

    outboard, twin engine

  • Type:

    inflatable boat

  • Hull type:


  • Deck layout:

    center console

  • Length:

    Nom Val: 11.3 m (37' 1")



The 11.30 meter X2K RIB Interceptor, is an advanced high-speed craft, extremely well suited for fast response interdiction, surveillance, patrol, law enforcement, counter-piracy efforts, search and rescue, or medical evacuations. This exclusive design was developed in Sweden, and is based on a double step ventilated racing hull. It has longitudinal underwater steps to reduce friction, and offers excellent sea-keeping, efficiency, speed and safety in all conditions.

With weather protection for extended day patrols, it is fitted with restraining style seating for 2 operators and 2 passengers. Forward of the console is a large open deck space for containing arrestees, troop or cargo transfer, carrying SAR liferafts, or fitted with fixed or removable seating. Optional Shock mitigating seats are also available, to decrease the risk crew injuries at high speeds.
There is a gun-mount forward, which can be supplied with adaptors to suit a range of weapons. It is also supplied with a roll-up, or fold-down swim ladder for divers.

The X2K RIB is designed to fit in a standard 40 foot cargo container, ensuring fast, easy, safe and cost efficient domestic or global transportation.


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