Hybrid propulsion system for yachts (diesel-electric)
50 - 60 Hz | < 500 Hp Northern Lights

Northern Lights’ hybrid marine system provides clean, reliable power with world class components. Based on a tested, reliable Lugger propulsion engine and traction generator, energy is held in a battery pack and metered through a power control system. The traction motor provides power to the prop, while energy is stored for its most efficient usage. Available in 3 phase, 60 or 50 Hz configurations, the amount of power produced and stored can be customized to fit a myriad of marine applications.

Because its world class components are fully scalable, the Northern Lights hybrid marine system provides far greater flexibility in engine room layout. It will run not only as a standard electric propulsion system, but can be upgraded into an auxiliary power kit to provide all of the ship’s service AC power without the waste and pollution associated with underloading. The hybrid system can even be outfitted for accessory power for modern yacht’s complex system of thrusters and winches.

The entire package is designed to be clean, quiet, and environmentally responsible, reducing both energy waste and fuel costs as soon as it is installed.


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