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FABER Northern Diver (International)

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We currently have some Faber cylinder sizes available with a shorter date (while stocks last), at fantastic prices.

Limited Offer - 12L Dumpy NOW £125

Please Note - 232bar Faber cylinders are supplied without a rubber cylinder boot.

Cylinder boots are sold as a seperate item.

Faber lightweight steel diving cylinders.

All our Faber steel diving cylinders are all supplied complete with a standard DIN convertible Cross-Flow valve, compatible with all scuba diving regulators using the DIN or A-Clamp (International) 1st stage fitting.

3 Litre Cylinder - 2015/07

12 Litre Tall Cylinder - 2015/07

12 Dumpy (2011) Cylinder - 05/11 (Test Due - 11/13)

12 Dumpy (2012) Cylinder - 03/12 (Inspection Due - 09/14)

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