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Roller Furling Genoas are the primary workhorse on most cruising boats. North Furling Genoas have the strength and toughness to withstand the inevitable flogging, furling, rig impact and shock loading associated with bluewater sailing. We offer a dedicated range of cruising materials designed to endure harsh conditions.Our specialized cruising designs provide smoother shape on all points of sail – whether beating, reaching, or running wing on wing. To ensure many years or cruising performance and value, North Sails cruising experts customize your genoa to fit your needs.Webbing Head and Tack LoopsStainless Steel Clew RingAdjustable Leech and Foot CordsExclusive Teardrop Corner ReinforcementsHeavy Weight Luff TapeSpreader PatchesStanchion PatchesYarn Steering (Luff) TelltalesDrawstring Sail BagOptionalRope Luff Reefing PadExtended Head and Tack Reef PatchesUV Leech and Foot CoverRadar Patch